Growing up reading, Choose Your Own Adventure Books were a staple of my childhood. I would seek them out in my local library, mall bookstore, or personal collection. They had great titles such as: The Cave of Time, Journey Under the Sea, and By Balloon to the Sahara, Written in second person point of view, with the reader required to make plot choices throughout, the stories brought a fun, game-like adventure to reading. I often had multiple adventures within the same book. I also loved the art of Don Hedin (aka Paul Granger), one of the series main illustrators. I often thought what my own children’s books might look like as part of the CYOA universe. Well, wonder no more, with these for fun, mash-up / mock-ups, I created combining my own illustrated children’s picture books and treated with the classic CYOA design. Hope you enjoy!

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John Parra

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