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10th Anniversary of PaperTigers.org - PaperTigers
Artist: John Parra

"My goal for the poster was to capture the many important and wonderful aspects that PaperTigers stands for as well as honor and celebrate its ten-year milestone. The organization's commitment to promoting multicultural books to young readers as well as educating the public about clean water and protecting those resources, were a few of the concepts I wanted to address. Also PaperTiger's fun, positive and creative spirit in promoting their message was also a goal that I believe will resonate and be reflective in the final artwork.The first idea and image that came to me for the poster was that of a child, dressed in a tiger's costume, reading a book outside in a forest. As the child reads, they are shown standing on a stack of leaves floating down a river that originates from a storm cloud above. From the book that the child has, flowering vines start to grow, symbolizing growth, beauty, learning, and a connection to share in nature. Ten little tin milagros ornaments hang from the vine, each representing and celebrating a year in PaperTigers’ ten-year history." (John Parra)

Available at: PaperTigers.org