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The event program for the artist visit is based on a fun and informative artist profile and art workshop. The program itself can vary in theme according to the age level of the audience and curriculum requested. Each artist-profile presentation includes a PowerPoint program introducing my background, influences, inspirations, education and calling to the vocation of illustrator and artist. I enthusiastically share stories about art assignments and speak on some of my favorite paintings created along the way. From my children’s books I give an insight from start to finish on the creative process one goes through to complete a project. Included in the developmental work I discuss: reading manuscripts, coming up with creative ideas, drawing sketches, receiving feedback, and painting the finished work. I express and encourage how young artists and students can develop and learn to create their own styles. I point out the importance of teachers, education, practice and discipline in the development of their goals. Following the profile presentation we read selected excerpts from my books and conclude with a question and answer period. If an artist workshop is included in your day’s events it may consist of: sketching for folktales, cultural character designs, or selected painting techniques. Thank you for your interest in an artist visit. I hope to share these ideas with you and to incorporate a positive and enjoyable creative learning experience for all.

John Parra is a wonderful artist whose work is accessible to people of all ages, particularly youth. His time spent at the Indianapolis Art Center leading tours of his artwork as well as hands-on workshops with youth and the general public was remarkable. He was able to connect any audience to his story of becoming an artist and encourage others to reiterate what his teacher/mentor once told him in regards to becoming an artist, "Why not you?” - Laura Alvarado (Director of Outreach, Indianapolis Art Center / Director of Volunteer Programs, School on Wheels)

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